High on F2F dog at Low Brau

Low Brau’s F2F BLT Dog

I snacked on a sausage sandwich at Low Brau last night. It was one locally delicious dog.

Low Brau’s F2F BLT Dog is the beer hall-sausage parlor’s special salute to Sacramento Farm to Fork Restaurant Week, which is sponsored by the Sacramento chapter of the California Restaurant Association in conjunction with the Sacramento region’s ¬†celebration of its agricultural and culinary bounty.

The F2F BLT Dog costs $8.50, a pricey snack to be sure, but consider its contents:

  • Italian sausage from Preferred Meats, a family-owned Oakland specializing in heritage breeds of pigs and cows;
  • Ray Yeung Farms’ West Sacramento heirloom tomatoes;
  • applewood-smoked bacon from Smokey Ridge, an artisan charcuterie producer on ¬†Hill;
  • and Bibb lettuce from Azola Farm in East Nicolaus.

All on a Freeport Bakery roll with character — soft in the middle, a bit sturdier outside, making you work a little for each bite while holding the dog’s contents intact.

For my tastes, the red, green and yellow tomatoes that topped the dog were chopped too big. I had to tuck and smash them between the sausage and the roll. But a small matter. Chewing on the kitchen’s knife skills gave me time to think about Ray Yeung’s heirloom tomatoes. I enjoyed them in a salad at Hook & Ladder on Monday and I’ve seen them on many Sacramento restaurant menus this season.

When I Googled and found the farmer’s picture, I realized I know Ray Yeung, not just his West Sacramento tomatoes. I worked with Ray Yeung’s wife on the sports desk at the Sacramento Bee a lifetime ago.

It’s a small Farm to Fork Capital of America, after all.


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