Broiler closure prompts Press Club cancellation

This weekend’s closure of The Broiler has prompted the Sacramento Press Club to cancel its next monthly luncheon, scheduled for Sept. 12.

The Broiler had been catering the Press Club’s events in the 18th-floor dining room of  K Street’s Ban Roll-on building.

A message from Press Club president Brian Joseph hit the social media wire this evening.

As you have probably heard by now, the caterer for our luncheons, the Broiler Steakhouse, suddenly and unexpectedly went out of business this week. Sadly, that leaves us with too little time to find a replacement caterer for our September 12 luncheon featuring Renaud Laplanche of the Lending Club, so we are regretfully going to have to cancel.

If you’ve already RSVPd for this event, we will be reversing those charges within the next 24 hours.

We are scrambling to secure a new caterer and, if necessary, a new luncheon location for future events. Please stay tuned for announcements to that effect.

We’re terribly sorry for this inconvenience. I think I can speak for the SPC Board, Press Club members and many others when I say I’m disappointed to see the Broiler go.

Thank you,

Brian Joseph
Sacramento Press Club

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