Broderick’s Locals Only Burger Is Local All the Way

Broderick Restaurant and Bar is offering just one special as part of Farm to Fork Restaurant Week . While many of the three-dozen-plus restaurants participating in the event are offering multicourse prix fixe meals, Broderick is keeping it simple while keeping it local. Very local.

The ingredient list for Broderick’s Locals Only Burger reads like this:

  • Grass-fed beef from Lucky Dog Ranch in Dixon
  • Smoked Jack cheese from Sierra Nevada Cheese Company in Willows
  • Oyster mushrooms from Dragon Gourmet in Sacramento
  • Onions from Moon River Farm in Sacramento
  • Kaiser roll from Village Bakery in Davis
  • Smoked black pepper from Whole Spice in Petaulma
  • Made-in-house spicy steak sauce

Broderick’s Locals Only Burger

The Locals Only Burger — which probably should be re-branded the Only Local Burger — costs $12 and comes with fries.

I split a Locals Only Burger with an out-of-town guest on Monday.  It was a big, flavorful burger that filled up my guest but made me hungry for another.

The melange of ingredients blended nicely — the tang of cheese, earthiness of mushrooms, a bite of pepper. The light but sturdy Kaiser roll soaked up juices from the condiments but didn’t turn soggy.

The meat? Best ground beef in America’s Farm to Fork Capital. Grass-fed, grain-finished, raised, slaughtered and butchered locally. Ordered medium, my burger was lean, meaty and cleanly flavored.

Best thing about the meat? This may be only for food inspectors and burger geeks, but Lucky Dog Ranch’s ground beef is single-source, meaning everything in your Lucky Dog Ranch burger comes from one cow.

The Locals Only Burger is on Broderick’s menu through Sunday. Farm to Fork Restaurant Week is sponsored by the Sacramento chapter of the California Restaurant Association as part of the Sacramento region’s events celebrating the Farm to Fork Capital of America.




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